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1) Power Auditor Of Indian Public School Conference,
2) Designed India's First Mobile Online UPS.
3) Designed Power solution for Doordarshan Van.
2) India’s First Aerodynamic Inverter.
5) Remote Digital Display for UPS & Inverters.
6) Super Isolation & Scott Connected Transformer.
7) Constant Current Constant Voltage Chargers
8) Electronically Controlled Static Stabilizer .
9) Designed & Developed Power Management System.
10) Designed Life Saver Concept in ATM.
11) New Dimensions to APFC Panel.
12) Electrical Consultant to Indian Air Force (Communication Center)
13) Electrical Consultant to Diebold Systems (P) Limited.
14) Electrical Consultant to Hindustan Prefab Limited.
15) Electrical Consultant to Om Logistics Limited.
16) Electrical Consultant to Mahaveera Transport (P) Limited
17) Electrical Consultant to Vijay Lakshmi Transport Company.
18) Designed Cloud E-surveillance solution for ATM.

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