Intellitech Electronic Solutions Limited: A Journey Through Time

Year 1999: Where We Started

  • The inception of Intellitech Electronic Solutions Limited by Dinesh Sharma in 1999 marked the beginning of the design and supply of Power Conditioning Equipment in the Delhi market.

A New Direction

  • Rapid growth in the power conditioning sector led to customer demand for control panels, prompting the company to expand its services.

Year 2001: Expansion Required

  • By 2001, the company outgrew its initial small home office, necessitating the purchase of larger office and factory premises in Delhi. This move allowed for the upscale manufacture and design of control panels.

Year 2002: New Technologies

  • Dinesh Sharma, an early adopter of new technologies, along with the joining of Laksh Kad in 2002, strengthened the company. They began supplying UPS systems, inverters for power backup, and Air and Oil Cooled Servo Stabilizers to various industries, along with advanced Form Electrical Distribution Panels.

Year 2003: Major Projects

  • Intellitech worked on prestigious projects, including M2K Cinema Halls, Housing Society, All India Radio, Indian Airforce Delhi Command Centre, and Bank of Punjab.

Year 2005: Big Change

  • As the business grew, a further extension was built. Intellitech designed and launched the Semi Automated Distribution Board for ATMs for a leading Indian bank in collaboration with a world-leading ATM manufacturer.

Year 2007: Diversifying to New Markets

  • With evolving technology, Intellitech improved efficiency and productivity, expanding into the building and logistics sectors. The company developed expertise in the design and programming of PLC control systems and completed its most recent extension in 2007.

Year 2018: Celebrating Milestones

  • In 2018, Parvesh Gupta became Intellitech's first employee to achieve 10 years of service, and the company gifted him a car. Several other staff members have since reached this milestone.

Year 2019: A Big Leap

  • As energy management and E-Surveillance became essential for various industries, Intellitech designed and offered unique IoT products to banking, data centers, malls, and smart townships.

Year 2024: The 25th Year and Looking to the Future

  • In early 2024, Intellitech revealed its new branding and launched a new website to support continued growth. The company's goal remains to deliver quality products while exploring new markets.

Intellitech's journey from a small business in 1999 to a diversified company in 2024 highlights its commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.

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