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  Scott Connected Transformer
Rated Input Voltage  : 110v / 230v / 415v
Input Voltage Tolerance  : ± 10%
Rated Input Frequency  : 50Hz
Input Frequency Tolerance ± 3Hz
Output Voltage : 1:1 / Stepup / Stepdown or as per the requirement
Primary : Normal Stepup or Stepdown
Load Regulation : Better then 3.5%
Insulation Resistence : More then 1000 M Ohms at 500 v DC
Break Down Voltage 2.5 KV / Per 1 Min
Leakage Current : better then 1 micro Ampere
Surge Suppression Time : 5 pico second
Spike suppression Energy : 2.0 joules
Coupling Capacitance .01 P.F.
Common Mode Noise Reduces by Over 85 DB
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