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  AC to DC Converrter

Type  : Constant Voltage Constant Current
Rated Input Voltage  : 230 VAC
Input Voltage Tolerance  : 150v to 270 V
Rated Input Frequency   : 50 Hz.
Input Frequency Tolerance  : ± 5Hz
Output Voltage (DC)  : 13.5 V to 202V DC
Output Current  : 0 Amp. - 30 Amps. As per the requirement
Primary   : Normal Step-down
Secondary Rectification  : Full Wave Rectifier
Ripple Filtration  : 30000UF/50VCap. Ripple Free
Surge Suppression Time  : 5 Pico second
Spike suppression Energy  : 20 Joules
DC Protection  : Reverse Battery Protection (OPTIONAL
Battary Backup  : MCB Protection (OPTIONAL)
Recharge Time  : 8 hours
Load Ampere  : As per the Model
Ah & V Rating of Battary  : AH X 12 V (Optional)
Make of Battary  :


Protections  : Low Battery, Overcharge
Indications  : DC ON
Dimention  : As per the model
Temperature  : 0 to 50 Degrees centigrade
Humidity  : Up to 80% Non Condensing
Ventilation  : Lovers Type Air Cooled

  DC to AC Converrter
Type  : DC to AC
Technology  : PWM (MOSFET)
Rated Input Voltage  : 12V to 180V DC
Input Voltage Tolerance ± 5%± 5%
Primary : Normal Step Up
Output Voltage  : 230 ± 2% single phase
Output Frequency : 50Hz ± 0.05% Free running at DC Mode
Output Power Factor :


Output Waveform Quasi Sine Wave
Noise Level : <70dB From 1 Meter
Efficiency : > 80% on stable DC Supply
Ability : Constant Performance on Battery or DC Supply
Dietechnic Strength Tested at 1500V AC for 1 Min.
Insulation Resistance More Then 200 M Ohms at 500 V DC
Indications Mains On
Dimensions As per the model
Temperature Tolerance 0 to 50 Degrees centigrade
Humidity Tolerance Up to 90% Non Condensing
Ventilation Windows Type Air Cooled

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